A Tale of Two Shadows

A Tale of Two Shadows (2影の物語)
Author: CEObrainz (クリス)
Illustration: Carlos Alvarez (カルロス・アルバレス)
Contact: ceobrainz@gmail.com
In a world once ruled by elder dragons, the continent of Altidus had been at war for longer than one could remember. Corruption had spread its way into the very core of the independent nations, forcing their blades to turn against each other as they fought for the growing empire that is Mrinthuania. With nations seemingly turning every other day, hope of winning the war dwindled as legions of brave souls never returned from their crusades against the dark tyrant.

Within one of those nations Faro Hounding, an assistant at a prestigious school, lived his life as an outcast. He knew neither his parents nor his past, orphaned at a young age and treated as a second class citizen because of his mysterious background. Getting by with his only friend, the boy came to realize just how much he didn't know about the world when his village is one day burned to the ground and he meets his own shadow, a soul bound to his own at birth.

Suddenly thrown into the middle of the war, Faro goes on a journey to reunite with his best friend as he learns more about his past, parents and his ties to the ancient forces that drive all mortals to battle. This is a chance for Faro, a cynical boy and his living shadow to combat a world full of war, dishonesty and misery.

Volume 1


  1. Second. Hope this will be interesting. Why is there such a slow pace on young senki though

    1. If you're talking about the translation then it's because of the difficulty in converting the more technical terms and such without losing the original intention (from what I understand). If you're talking about the story itself well I think it's rather good in terms of pacing if not slightly confusing at times.

    2. hi is this jap work or fanfic?

  2. this is a English original work for anyone who thinks its translated due to Chinese characters.